K-NGS308L .035 in Dia 10LB Roll


18%Cr-8%Ni austenitic STS Self-shielded FCW

A5.22 : E308LT0-3
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Key Features
Sizes (mm)StandardWelding Position
Shielding GasPolarity
1.2~1.6AWS A5.22E308LT0-3F, HF, H, VU, VD, OHNonDC(+)
Typical chemical composition all-weld metal (%)
0.020.451.1220.509.70FN 10
Typical mechanical properties of all-weld metal
Y.S (MPa)T.S (MPa)EI. (%)Hardness (HV)IV (J)PWHT
4406203985 (-30℃)


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